Repository Layout

The Perfect framework has been divided into several repositories to make it easy for you to find, download, and install the components you need for your project:

The Perfect Core Library

Perfect - This repository contains the core PerfectLib and will continue to be the main landing point for the project

The Perfect Toolkit

There are many components in the main Perfect Repo, that make up the comprehensive Perfect Toolkit. There are database drivers, utilities, session management, and authentication systems. All components are documented here.

The Perfect Template

PerfectTemplate - A simple starter project which compiles with the Swift Package Manager into a standalone executable HTTP server. This repository is ideal for starting on your own Perfect-based project

The Perfect Documentation - Open Source

PerfectDocs - Contains all API reference-related material

Perfect Examples

PerfectExamples - All the Perfect example projects and documentation

StORM - A Swift ORM

StORM is a Swift ORM, written in Perfect. The list of supported databases will continue to grow and mature.

Perfect Servers

A collection of standalone servers written in Perfect, ready for deployment (with a little configuration on your part!)