MongoDB Client

The MongoClient class is where the initial connection to the MongoDB server is defined.

Create a new Mongo client connection:

let client = try! MongoClient(uri: "mongodb://localhost")

Closing the Connection

Once the connection is established and the database and collections have been defined, set the connection to close once completed using defer. This is done in reverse order: close collections, then databases, and then finally the client connection.

defer {

Create Database Reference

getDatabase returns the specified MongoDatabase using the current connection.

let db = client.getDatabase(
    databaseName: <String>


  • databaseName: String name of database to be used

Create Collection Reference

getCollection returns the specified MongoCollection from the specified database using the current connection.

let collection = client.getCollection(
    databaseName: <String>, 
    collectionName: <String>


  • databaseName: String name of database to be used
  • collectionName: String name of collection to be retrieved

Get Current Mongo Server Status

serverStatus returns: a Result object representing the server status.

let status = client.serverStatus()

Return String Array of Current Database Names

Use databaseNames to build a string array of current database names:

let dbnames = client.databaseNames()