Perfect INI File Parser

This project provides an express parser for INI files.

This package builds with Swift Package Manager of Swift 4 Tool Chain and is part of the Perfect project but can be used as an independent module.

Quick Start

Configure Package.swift:

.Package(url: "", majorVersion: 3)

Import library into your code:

import INIParser

Load the objective INI file by initializing a INIParser object:

let ini = try INIParser("/path/to/somefile.ini")

Then it should be possible to access variables inside the file.

Variables with Specific Section

For most regular lines under a certain section, use sections attribute of INIParser. Take example:

myVariable = myValue

Then let v = ini.sections["[GroupA]"]?["myVariable"] will get the value as "myValue".

Variables without Section

However, some ini files may not have any available sections but directly put all variables together:

freeVar1 = 1

In this case, call anonymousSection to load the corresponding value:

let v = ini.anonymousSection["freeVar1"]