StORM Cursor

In database terms, a cursor defines the size and location of the returned rows within the context of the complete found set.

For a request using StORM, the cursor governs the number of rows returned and the position of the cursor in the total possible result set.

For the response, this information is echoed but the total number of possible rows in the found set is also populated.

Practically, this means that for a request you set the number of rows and the offset from the first record that you wish to retrieve:

let thisCursor = StORMCursor(
    limit: 50,
    offset: 100

And in response the number of rows, the offset position and the total count is echoed back. This allows you to calculate pagination through the found set as required.

// 50
// 100
// 1045

This cursor object is passed to a .select method, and returned as part of all objects using the database-specific StORM class inheritance.