MongoDB Database

Use the MongoDB Database class to create a reference to a named database using a provided MongoClient instance.

Create a new Mongo Database connection:

let database = try! MongoDatabase(
    client: <MongoClient>, 
    databaseName: <String>

Closing the Connection

Once the connection is established and the database and collections have been defined, set the connection to close once completed using defer. This is done in reverse order: close collections, then databases, then finally the client connection.

defer {

Drop the Current Database

Drops the current database, deleting the associated data files.


Current Database Name

name() returns the name of the current database.

let name =

Create a New Collection

database.createCollection(name: <String>, options: <BSON>)


  • name: String, name of collection to be created
  • options: BSON document listing options for new collection

Create Reference to MongoDB Collection Referenced by Name

Use getCollection to create a reference to a MongoCollection:

let collection = database.getCollection(name: <String>)

Create String Array of Current Database Collections' Names

Use collectionNames to create an array of the databases' collection names:

let collection = database.collectionNames()