Managing Deployments

A Perfect Assistant deployment configuration is a group of settings which permit a project to be pushed to a remote server. The remote server can be a container based or virtual machine based Linux host. Perfect Assistant will manage performing Linux release builds of projects as well as ensuring that all required dependencies are available on the target systems.

The exact details and required settings for an individual deployment configuration type will vary depending on the service in question but the means for creating new configurations and associating them with projects is the same regardless of the final destination.

Creating Deployment Configurations

New deployment configurations can be created either from the Perfect Assistant Index window's templates view or directly within the project editor. If a configuration is created within a project editor it will be automatically associated with the project. Configurations created in the Index view can later be associated with projects at any point. A deployment configuration can be associated with multiple projects and projects can be associated with multiple deployment configurations.

Perfect Assistant at this time supports deploying to Amazon's EC2 and to Google's App Engine. The supported services will be listed in the main Index window as well as in the "Project Deployments" popup menu available in the project editor window.

Index window configurations:

Project editor configurations:

Double clicking or menu selecting one of the configuration options will open the relevant deployment configuration editor. The options presented in this editor will vary depending on the service in question but the general workflow for creating, associating with projects, and actual deployments will be the same regardless.

Once a deployment configuration has been created it will be listed in the Deployments section of the Index window.

Configurations listed here can be reordered, deleted, or grouped using drag and drop or the right-click context menu.

Once a deployment configuration has been associated with a project it will be shown in the project's "Project Deployments" view. To remove an associated deployment configuration, select it and press the delete key. The project editor must be saved before the deployment associations or removals will be committed. Double clicking on a listed deployment will open its editor window.


Additionally, the deployment configuration editor window will show which projects the configuration is associated with. Double clicking one of the listed projects will open the project's editor window.

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