The Perfect Assistant

Like any good assistant, the Perfect Assistant is here to make your life easier

This macOS companion application is a set of convenience tools designed to help Server Side Swift developers start, manage, compile, test, and prepare for deployment more easily. From those expanding into backend Swift development for the first time to seasoned senior engineers working on enterprise level projects, the Perfect Assistant will facilitate your work.

See what you can do with the Perfect Assistant:

  • Set up new projects easily or download existing project templates
  • Manage dependencies
  • Create simultaneous macOS and Ubuntu builds on your local machine
  • Configure Amazon and Google Cloud deployment information
  • Push projects up to EC2 or Google AppEngine servers

New to Server Side Swift? Let’s Get Started

Through the Perfect Assistant, you’ll have access to our list of ready-to-roll project templates that make sense and allow you to get a new project started quickly. Whether you’re setting up a server project or looking to include Mustache on an existing server, you can take advantage of the dependencies and functionalities that we’ve rolled into Perfect Assistant.

Experienced Developers – Do More, More Easily

However you choose to deploy, you can benefit from the conveniences we add to your Swift Package Manager experience. Select dependencies and versions with a straightforward drag-and-drop interface. Build in macOS and Linux simultaneously to catch compilation issues more quickly. Take advantage of tools designed by developers who understand enterprise-level development.

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