Perfect 2.0 Has Arrived

A Perfect Companion for Swift 3.0

With the launch of Swift 3.0, server side app development takes a leap forward, and Perfect 2.0 is the ideal companion to get you up and running faster. The new Perfect compiles with and supports Swift 3.0, as well as allowing you to work with the Swift Package Manager, which allows developers to manage code dependencies across large projects.

Perfect 2.0 includes many new features, such as support for new datasources (Redis, FileMaker) and file formats (XML, Zip), as well as significant performance and scalability enhancements. Additionally, many of the suggestions of the Swift community (including, for example, modularity and interoperability) were considered, and these new components go into effect with Swift 3.0 and Perfect 2.0.

Increase Your Productivity

With the tools available in Perfect 2.0 and the shorter learning curve enabled by our new documentation and our active community on Slack and Gitter, it’s more efficient than ever to use Perfect. Enhancing your productivity and helping you to create lightweight, scalable, and maintainable apps and other REST services is what it’s all about. These new efficiencies will save you money in reduced development costs and cloud fees.

Some Key Benefits From Using Perfect 2.0

  • Full support for Swift 3.0 and Swift Package Manager
  • Feature rich with everything you need for a server side project
  • Many APIs have been restructured and simplified for ease of use
  • Powerful and scalable with performance improvements throughout, here’s a sampling:
    • Better HTTP server and networking performance
    • Optimized speed for serving static files
  • Easy to get started with all new documentation

Get Started with Perfect 2.0 on GitHub