What Is Perfect?

Perfect is a web server and toolkit for developers using the the Swift programming language to build applications and other REST services. It lets developers build using only Swift to program both the client-facing and server-side of their projects. It’s the perfect backbone for cloud and mobile technologies. Developers can be more productive and efficient using Perfect to write less code and work in one fundamental language for all of their needs.

Why Perfect?

One Development Language

Use Apple’s open source Swift programming language throughout your entire development process. Whether you’re building iOS and OS X apps, or backend support for web apps, wearable technologies, and games, you don’t need to learn another programming language when you use Perfect on the server-side.

No More Double Vision

Avoid code duplication by using the same code for object models and more. Perfect streamlines your development process so you can use much of the same classes and utilities for both client-facing and server-side development.

Full Debugging Support

Perfect provides full Xcode development and debugging support to help you ensure your code is error-free and optimized to run smoothly. Debug the client and server at the same time with the same tools.

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