Past Events

Not able to join us at a Swift developer conference or meetup? No problem. Watch the presentations from the events you missed and keep abreast of what's happening with Perfect

14 Apr '16
Full-Stack Swift Meetup
04/14/2016 (Los Angeles)

Did you miss Tim Taplin's talk at the meetup? No problem - you can see his slides that cover an overview of Perfect as well as a "how to get started" tutorial.

See Slides and Tutorial

CodeDrivenNYC #9,
produced by FirstMark (New York)

PerfectlySoft CEO Sean Stephens explains the history of the Swift and Perfect, followed PerfectlySoft CTO Kyle Jessup explaining how to use Perfect and answering attendees’ questions on April 13, 2016.

try! Swift,
(Tokyo, Japan)

See PerfectlySoft CEO Sean Stephens make a presentation about the Perfect server-side Swift development toolkit at a meetup in Tokyo, Japan, at the try! Swift conference in March 2016.