Introducing the Perfect Assistant 2.0
Introducing the Perfect Assistant 2.0
Perfect Assistant is the quickest & smartest
way to build & deploy your server-side
Swift projects.
Server Side Swift at your fingertips
Over 7500 Active Users Over 1000 new apps a month Application is 100% Free

Server-side Swift at your fingertips

The macOS companion application is a set of convenience tools designed to help Server Side Swift developers start, manage, compile, test and prepare for linux deployment more easily. From those expanding into backend Swift development for the first time to seasoned engineers working on business critical applications, the Perfect Assistant will facilitate your workflow and get your Swift projects deployed faster and error-free.

It's in the details

Perfect Assistant toolbar

Whether you like the elegance and power of Xcode or if you prefer to work directly in your terminal, you'll love how easily the Perfect Assistant helps you manage, test and deploy your Server Side Swift projects.

Your power toolbox bar awaits

Perfect Assistant toolbar Perfect Assistant toolbar

Leveraging the latest tools of Xcode, Docker, and your Mac - the Perfect Assistant helps you unlock the power of Swift on the server.

How it works

Keep Organized

Keep Organized

Set up new projects or download existing project templates

Reduce Your Stress

Reduce Your Stress

Manage dependencies with visual reminders to get started quickly

Test on the Fly

Test on the Fly

Pre-flight build for macOS & Ubuntu on the fly from your local machine

Deploy seemlessly

Deploy seemlessly

Configure Amazon deployment information and push projects up to EC2 servers

Integrate your IDE

Integrate your IDE

Integrated directly into Xcode to make your coding efficient and fast

Full Control over your Own Accounts

Amazon Web Services

Many hosting services are layers on other services - which introduces costly additional overhead and endangers your project from being orphaned at any time. With the Perfect Assistant, you have complete control over your accounts and can control your code directly directly at all times - it just makes things easier for you. In addition - you can even easily use multiple cloud services for the same project and ensure your project isn’t tied to a single company’s failure points.

Works with any Swift framework

The Perfect Assistant supports any pure Swift Package Manager project, and has been tested on the most popular Swift frameworks. This includes SPM projects with Perfect, Kitura, Vapor, and Zewo.

Kitura Zewo Vapor

The deets

New to Server Side Swift? Let's get started

Through the Perfect Assistant, you’ll have access to our list of ready-to-roll project templates that make sense and allow you to get a new project started quickly. Whether you’re setting up a server project or looking to include Mustache on an existing server, you can take advantage of the dependencies and functionalities that we’ve rolled into Perfect Assistant.


Experienced Developers - Do more, more easily

However you choose to deploy, you can benefit from the conveniences we add to your Swift Package Manager experience. Select dependencies and versions with a straightforward drag-and-drop interface. Build in macOS and Linux simultaneously to catch compilation issues more quickly. Take advantage of tools designed by developers who understand enterprise-level development.

Powered for Enterprise, Priced for Start-Ups

Knowing that getting started in a new language and framework can be a battle for both a Fortune 500 and for a Startup, we’ve released the Perfect Assistant as a free product for developers. In order to support our efforts in future, high-traffic deployment configurations have access to paid tiers of images through partnered providers. For information on pricing, click here.

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Xcode is a trademark of Apple Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries. Kitura is a trademark of IBM Inc., registered in the U.S. and other countries.